Cheap Prom Dresses attacks eric mansfield

Linda coleman Cheap Prom Dresses attacks eric mansfield Updated:Linda coleman is going on the offensive against state sen.Eric mansfield in the democratic race for the state no.2 post. Coleman sent a mailer to democrats in major metro areas earlier this week attacking his record and suggesting he isn true to the party core.It cites mansfield $250 donation to elizabeth dole, his vote supporting the medical malpractice reforms and his absence when the legislature voted to put the constitutional marriage amendment Bridesmaid Dresses: on the ballot.Mansfield has called the attacks misleading. Coleman campaign also issued a press release thursday sell at a discount morning criticizing mansfield for not supporting the 3/4cent sales tax increase put forth by gov.Bev perdue and other top democrats. In a recent interview, mansfield said the donation was 10 years ago and solicited on behalf of dole by a fellow doctor who helped mansfield establish his practice.He gave $1, 000 to democrat kay hagan successful bid.A surgeon, defends his vote on med mal saying the”Bones”Of the bill are good even if he disagrees with the cap.And mansfield is clear that he opposes the marriage amendment.He also supports broader tax reform to fund education but not a temporary tax. 1.In 2002, eric mansfield gave $250 to elizabeth dole senate campaign.This is public record.His excuse: “Someone else made me do it. “Which is amateur and probably illegal. The people coming up with sell at a discount these excuses for eric mansfield should be embarrassed and/or fired.He get buried by the republicans in the general.What a lightweight. Absolutely right.And he did not just decide to skip town to avoid the vote he was on an already scheduled vacation to celebrate his wedding anniversary, which he had already rescheduled twice.Talk about promarriage and profamily, he is the real deal.And in any event he said he was opposed to the amendment.If he was trying to avoid voting, he could also have avoided taking a position, but he took a stand.See the fayetteville observer article entitled”Mansfield defends putting his marriage first”Dated sep 15, 2011.

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